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Introducing Loudclass:


for users who are new to Loudclass

  • 10-minute tablet tour (10 min)
  • authoring your first textbook (30 min)
  • setting up a new classroom (1 hour)
  • advanced class interactions (1 hour)
  • administration (20 min)
  • self assessment (30 min)

Reference Manuals

for experienced users to look up specific features and procedures


when you’re stuck and unsure where to look

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where did the name “Loudclass” come from?

As technology continues to transforms the classroom landscape, a frequently cited concern is a degradation of the connection between teacher and students. New technology can hinder just as much as it aids learning.

It comes down to looking at the transmission of information from the teacher to student, and asking a simple question: is technology contributing to the signal, or to the noise? Loudclass is designed to boost the fidelity of the connection between teacher and student, cutting through the noise.

Or as we like to put it, Loudclass helps you the teacher make yourself heard.


What’s the difference between the “Regular” and “Flex” versions of Loudclass?

Loudclass was initially designed for the school setting, where the roster of students, teachers, textbooks and classes are more or less fixed well in advance. In such a situation, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful administrative tool for tracking schedules, attendance, assignments, grading, etc.

There are occasions, though, where you may not need the overhead of an LMS system. The most common situation would be in the business environment, where meetings, presentations, and seminars would still benefit from Smart textbooks and interactive functionality but the ad-hoc scheduling and attendance rules out using an LMS.