Test data analysis

For each test, you can check the result and the data analysis.


Test analysing

You can search by group / subject / test name / manager name


Test result analysis


Analyze result



View test

- This is provided for all sessions of a particular test.
- If you select the “View test” tab, the test will open in the preview mode.



Average score and Percent correct completion

- If you select the session from the list and then the [View] button, you can see the score and data analysis.
- You can save the session result by selecting [Export].


  • Test : Average score

For each session, the score distribution is displayed through a graph.
-  If you select the [Details] button , a pop-up will appear displaying individual student results. (students who have not taken the test will not be displayed).


Detail score

Checking students’ scoring result

- In the pop-up window, you can see the score details of a particular student by selecting the [View] button.


  • Question : Percent correct/completion

For each question, you can check the correct and completion rate.



- Percent correct: Ratio of how many students answered the question correctly.
- Percent complete: Ratio of how many students submitted a response.


  • Response variance

- Comparison of performance between groups for a particular question.
- Variance is higher for groups that have more students that get the question correct.
- Categorized by Very good / Good / Bad / Cannot evaluate.


Response variance