Reviewing administered tests

Reviewing administered tests

If you select a particular question, you will be moved to that question page.


Teacher  :  Test report



Teacher : Test review


* Toolbar
- You can use functions such as changing font sizes and annotating.
- You can quickly view other questions and the results through the page tray.

* Exit
- Exit the review mode and move to the previous page.

* View correct answer
- The correct answer for the question is displayed.

* View student responses
- You can see all students’ responses for a particular question.
- You can see students’ responses and the number of students who provided that answer.
- You can check the list of student responses if you select a particular answer.
- You can check the correct answer from the same screen.


Test review : student answers



Test review : student answers

Reviewing other tests


Review other tests



Review other tests


* Back button
- Quit the current screen and go back to the “Test” main page.

* Search filters
- You can search by Group / Subject / Search field

* Test list
- The tests are listed by most recently administered.
- If you selected the “Review” button, the test results will be downloaded and you can review the test.