Video : Creating a sample textbook

The above video illustrates how to create a textbook. The creation steps do not have to be sequential and other features may be used as well. For example, objects can be added after previewing the textbook.

Step 1 : Importing the textbook and adding pages

To add pages, enter the textbook information on Author and select the files to be imported. Imported pages can be cropped and file size can be adjusted.

Step 2 : Adding objects on the textbook

Add multimedia content, additional objects and activities based on the textbook structure. Display types can be changed to match the textbook style.

Step 3 : Previewing the textbook

Send the textbook to the tablet before publishing and check if the added objects work properly.

Step 4 : Publishing and uploading the textbook

Save the textbook in smart textbook format and upload to Loudclass Cloud for use in
Loudclass Interactive.