Utilizing multimedia on textbook

Utilize various multimedia files added with Loudclass Author and utilize media cards made by the teacher.


Web viewer
View web pages through a browser.

Web viewer


Image viewer
View images in full screen mode.

Image viewer

  •  Slide to next or previous image when there are multiple images.


Audio player
Play audio, utilize various controls or view audio script.

Audio full player

  • I05-5_ Image08Play buttons : Control audio with rewind, play/pause, stop and fast forward.
  •  I05-5_ Image09 Script and bookmark buttons : Use the buttons to view the script and bookmark.
  •  I05-5_ Image08 wheel Wheel button : Rotate the wheel in desired direction for precise rewinding or fast forwarding.
  • I05-5_ Image10Hide button : Use to hide the player.


Video viewer
Play video in full screen.

Loud Class Interactive video player

  • I05-5_ Image11 Play button : Control video with play/pause.
  • I05-5_ Image12 Volume button : Mute or control the volume.


Media Card
Slide back or forward through media cards in full screen mode.

Teacher media card viewer

Teacher media card viewer

  • I05-5_ Image13_2I05-5_ Image13_1I05-5_ Image13_3 Flick button : Move between media cards or flip them over.
  • I05-5_ Image14 Send button : Send the media card to students tablets.
  • I05-5_  Image12 Media card number : Check current media card page and side.


When teacher sends media card to students, it is displayed on the media card viewer on students’ tablets. When the viewer is closed, the media card is saved as an icon on the point designated by the teacher when it was created.

Student media card viewer

Student media card viewer

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