Assigning homework to class

Assigning homework

Select among homeworks registered on Loudclass Cloud and add to the class. The assigned homeworks must be downloaded to use on Loudclass Interactive.

1. Select “Assign assignment Set” under “Class Management” > “Assignment”.

C03_getting_started_03_assigning_homework_to_class _01

Assignment tab screen under Class Management

2. Select a group and “Add” on the desired book.


C03_getting_started_03_assigning_homework_to_class _02

Add Assignments screen

3. The selected homework is added to the class.

Assigning homework to class

C03_getting_started_03_assigning_homework_to_class _03

Assignment details screen

Select “Send to students” on the desired homework lesson.

Homeworks assigned by the teacher to the class are made available for download to the teacher

Deleting assigned homework

homeworks no longer used in the class can be deleted by selecting “Unassigned”. Deleted homeworks can still be used under “My Assignment”.

Confirming submission of homework

If you select “Submission status” you can check the homework results for individual students.

C03_getting_started_03_assigning_homework_to_class _04

Assigning homework

C03_getting_started_03_assigning_homework_to_class _05

Submission status